Its a hard knock life!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mobile 'Hose' and a One Night Stand?

What do a mobile hose service and a one night stand have in common?
Oh, i cannot even express the utter pain of humor i have felt this week. Although seemingly sexual both are fairly innocent. It all began prior to the eve of October 31. I had an extreme idea drought for the costume i was to fashion on halloween. Seeing as I myself was hosting the party lacking a costume was not an option. Needing prompt aid, i turned to my sister. Thankfully my family is never at a loss for a creative edge, by the time i had left her apartment I was fired up and ready to go. It was true, I had found a scathingly brilliant costume idea, no thanks to my own strength. I worked on my costume for slightly more then 1.5 hours and by the night of the party it was primed and ready to go! Feeling all too confident, I walked the floor like it was my own private catwalk, and puting the song into full affect (or is it effect??) I shook my little tush on the catwalk, ya the catwalk, uh huh the catwalk... Once you become a parent you have a deep sense of pride for your child, this is how i felt about my costume, it was something I had created, it was piece of me, the single most important thing that evening-
so what on earth could give me so much joy and fulfillment? I, yes I coral scott, had for once in my life become a one night stand! lol....mhmmmm thats right! From the cardboard box and a lamp shade to an alarm clock and glass of water! I was outfitted from head to toe as a one night stand.

So why the 'mobile hose'? Steve and I decided to go for breakfast the other day, after I put the meals damages on the visa, we headed we were leaving the eating establishment I noticed a particularly odd truck which read 'Mobile Hose Service' To some this may have gone unnoticed, however, this is Coral we're talking about and at 10am and I had not yet had a good dose of morning chuckle...evidently the slightly risque humor was lost on Steve... needless to say I related the next scantily clad female I saw to the mobile "hoes" service truck I had seen earlier, I wasnt aware it was legal to post advertisements for that type of business on cube vans!

Friday, November 05, 2004

I've been hit!

Well...i never thought i'd fall prey to the whiles of the email world; but alas, it has hit me and I too am a blogger. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that my life, be it heaven or hell needs to be shared with all who choose to read. Everyday stories of my life are lost in the files of my mind, never to return, never to be shared! It is as if everyday prior to bed i have a memorial for the death of events which will never be replayed or remembered. The stories that will not live on to inspire and encourage, or even worse- they will not cause people to laugh so damn hard they wet their pants or throw up, as I have a tendency to do!

So to borrow the phrase, there's only one life to live...thus, these are the stories of my life, as the world turns