Its a hard knock life!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Coral Ann Scandelous

My boyfriend lives in a very swish part of town, known to be all too ritzy and snootish. We, or should I say I often complain about how pokey and noisy some of his wealthy neighbors are. They I am sure have their fare share of complaints about me as will soon be pointed out. After an evening of very little excitement, Steve, Jeralee and I decided to for coffee. Jer, got into her car, as Steve got into the mine…being the enterprising girl that I am, and hoping to spur on a little excitement I leisurely walked over to Jeralee’s automobile - as she started her car and the illumination devices came on, there it was situated, the object of most men’s affection my fully pink flesh colored buttocks, staring her right in the face! Yes, my chinos down, my groove on, and my butt in full force. At this point becoming sure that I’ve solidified a prime evening, exposing my bum and all, I hear voices… What was it…but what? Steve was in the car!! I looked up, a feeling utter indignity enveloped me. As I fix my eyes on the piercing light of the motion sensor next door, I see two elderly men, not only had exited from the neighbor’s garage, but were presently facing me as they stood in the driveway! Unnecessary to state that I heaved myself to order and ran to my own car asap, dodging any unnecessary glances of disapproval I may receive, feeling all to heroic in the interim.