Its a hard knock life!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Boys may be boys...but i'll be a Bitch!

It is no secret that in our youth we all make mistakes, evidently (judging by actions of late) the line of 'youth' is blurry for some, namely ex boyfriends!
As some of you know, I was caught up in the follies of my own youth, a 'couple' of years ago...way back when. During this limited time of undue folly a certain male, who shall remain nameless *cough* evil *cough* stevil decided to extend his presence into the scenery of my then lacking life. With this, he brought his own senseless behavior, which I dare suggest far out stupidifized mine. What kind of senseless behavior you might ask? calling, backbiting, and other so called physically intrusive behaviors, need I say more.
As a result of this, great hostility mounted; however, retaining my grasp on reality, and understanding that he to shall pass, I did not allow the dominant traits to take hold of my functioning capacity - rather, I inflicted pain on his cold lifeless heart.
Meanwhile, in another part of town....time went on, and all was forgotten, or so my naivety had led me to believe.
One evening in January (30th to be a little more exact), as Steve (good steve...nice steve) and I were returning home slightly prior to 1 am, I noticed an obscurity which had taken over my vision. Unsure as to the attributes of this obscurity, Steve stops the car, and gets out. I realize in this moment that there are three young men sitting on a bench, watching us - the road its self is filled with orange pylons. May I mention, this street is negative on the u turn capability, and as proven driving through is a non-negotiable. Thus, Steve got out to move them. As he gets out, I try to decipher the faces of those who have taken residence on the bench...upon enlightenment, I open the door. Aware of the lurking men, Steve gently suggests I remain in the car. I step out, and suggest that the dumb punks pull their shit together and grow up, after all, do they having nothing better to do on a Saturday night? As I am uttering my words of wisdom, I notice - the boy of my past folly has returned to haunt me. Yes indeed- sitting on that bench, EVIL STEVIL!!
As we, once again secure our places in the Cavalier and begin to drive off, a sudden sense of 'damn I'm doing wayyy better then him' fills my senses, only to be followed by.." look way better then him too!' even after this self assuring moment, we knew there was only one thing left to do, sadly we had no other option then to call the ... po po....
Justice - If you need a definition my friend...sweet, untarnished justice.

The officer asked for a description, all I could think of was- follow the one who looks like an ass!