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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday at Starbucks

So, its 1:42 am and I am sitting in Starbucks,
I came here to do homework, and for the most part I have been successful in my attempt.
I am now taking a break to relax and -of course, write.
I have sat here for the past hour listening to the group of Chinese students, I recognize the odd word 'nigga' or 'jigga' which basically means 'this' or 'that' or the odd number, not very entertaining at all.

To the left of me is a table of two men, one of which is sitting with a book- reading? Nah - just sitting with it. 'what is holiness' he asks his company. Wow, quickly on to the next topic, they are now talking about JW's and how there must be a 'JW' patch, or a 12 step program - odd, this would suggest they are not JW's?

To the right of me, sitting at the windows ledge in the comfy chairs are a young guy and girl - probably late teens or early 20's (isnt it past their bedtime?!) they are discussing life and love - possible first date?

She has succumb to the fact that love is for life, while he is taking a more cynical approach, he is convinced that being 'in love' is merely a state of mind - interesting concept.

Ok, so that’s me and my night at Starbucks - and yes I am here alone. I am learning to 'live single well' and in part, this is aiding my venture - eaves dropping on others conversation…

Oh but wait- now the girl is convincing the guy that love is in the alignment of the stars,

My tea is good, it's getting cold - my back hurts and its 1:52 am (yes, that’s AM not PM). Its crazy, I get the fact that this lil establishment is 24hrs, but I honestly thought the crowd would thin out by now - apparently that is not the case. (ps. I really love the jazz that they're playing right now - I feel so 'city', too bad I'm in ABBOTSFORD)

Oh and the girl and guy are arguing now, not about love all be it temporary or permanent, but they have expanded to marrying for money as love is fleeting-
she argues 'it is human nature to love' and he retorts 'so moral of the story, marry for money as love is fleeting' to this I would ask - but then what if they go bankrupt? You failed to marry for love, because you married for money and now there is no money - have no love or no money…now you're just EFFED

girl just asked boy - 'do you like bush? Do you like the war?' !!?!?!?! what the hell!!! - he says 'umm like the war? I think its necessary…'
what a stupid girl, are all girls that stupid?!!? - oh and now the death sentence - she better be philosophically aware and have a decent argument - goodness sakes, no her reason is 'I don’t want to be in charge for taking someone's life' seriously!!! common- DECENT ARGUMENT PLEASE

I now realize there are 2 guys and 1 girl, so not a first date I had originally assumed. the girl has now switched gears to 'spirituality' vrs 'religion' - oh someone said "the bible" *ears perk up* guy #1 asks 'do you believe in werewolves, they're as old as the bible' the girl says 'I believe the bible has truth, but there is fiction too' guy #1 says 'lost in translation?'

Girl says 'do you believe in God, a higher power, or are you an atheist"
Now the guys are talking- I cant really hear but one guy sounds like he has a biblical tendency, the girl is just freaking stupid! The second guy has less of a soft spot for biblical things - this is the one to whom the question was posed.

Guy #1 who favors the bible- says 'religion hasn’t been proven wrong just because science has been proven right' - now they are talking about evolution - boy #1 asks 'how did it start? No answer?' he says 'the bible a better explanation then none at all' dude #2 simply replies with a 'no'.

Debate - science vrs religion. Should I join in? finally there is a half decent debate going on - and notice girl isnt involved, surprise surprise! I almost feel bad for guys (in general) because girls are so dumb - they fall back on their own stupidity- for what? Attention!?

Wow- now they are talking about the meaning of life. Girl says - 'why are we here there must be a bigger reason? We aren't just here to make money and fall in love' ok - so maybe it’s a relevant topic, for once she has made a valid point.

OH MY WORD the bottom of my muffin has like a crumb crust - yummy its SHORTBREAD holy cow i'm in love - and ps. I still love the cd that they are playing.

k, so I debate - do I talk to these people, or do I leave? What do I say if I talk to them? If I don’t talk I'll be like ugh, I should have - but if I do- what do I say? I am learning about evolution in biology- could I use that as a starting point? How they are possibly connected? I know the meaning of life - how about that? Ugh I shouldn’t but I should - but I wont because im a chicken shit and there are three of them. I wish I had balls - do they know that religion and relationship are sooooo different?!!?!?

Girl say - 'no theory or religion can be proven' - is she sure about that? What about the book Case for Christ? Should I suggest the book? Ugh I don’t know. K I'm gonna go home and maybe I'll tell them on the way out. ACK!

Yup - I stepped out of my comfort zone - "I heard you guys talking about science vrs religion, and there is a book that weighs scientific fact against religious truths, it may be an interesting read..." bad me for eaves dropping - but they need Jesus too - I just hope I am thinking of the right book LOL


At 5:12 AM, Blogger Tekniko said...

ahhh the good old science versus religion arguements!

When it comes to that topic I always have to voice my opinion... Next time join in Coral!

At the very least you would of evened out the 2 vs 1

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Coral said...

i'll keep that in mind - im impressed you read my blog mister man

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Tekniko said...

duh! I love Coral! I make it a point to know everything I can about her... Even if it is just reading a blog


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