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Friday, October 06, 2006

today marks a new chapter

My life has changed 100% over the course of the last year, thus the focus of my blog is also changing - considering i havent posted in over a year, i am sure this wont be a painful blow to anyone - hmm i say 'anyone' as if there is anyone who actually reads this! I will have to look into ways of promoting myself again.
I have to run, as Biology is calling...LOUDLY!
I'll keep up with my new genre later - heck its friday haha what else is there to do on a friday night?!
In the mean time let me catch you up quickly,

As my life stands now :

Car: Honda Civic
Home: Basement suite
Status: single
Program of study: education
Part time job: English tutor
Current area code: 604/778
Schedule: busy


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